Today we’re going to talk about Estate Planning. What are the top three things a properly crafted estate planning can do for you? What are the top 10 estate planning questions you’ll need to know if you’d die tonight? But first let’s talk about estate planning.

In Jessie’s book The Financial Toolbox, he covers a variety of financial planning topics. Each represented by a chapter to make your life better. Each of those chapters is represented by a tool that you can find on your toolbox. The tool that represents the estate planning best is the hammer. A hammer will deliver a forceful impact. It’ll make your wishes binding. It delivers really everything you want to get your money where you want it to be. It’s a tremendous tool. It’s a tremendous strategy for estate planning.

What Can Estate Planning Do for You?

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There’s a specialized tool to help gather information for estate planning and can work through this together with Jessie. If you have questions on things that you might not be doing as effectively as you can, there are ways to improve upon those.


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The Financial Toolbox Guru offers many FREE offers each providing you with the opportunity to self-study an array of wealth accumulation and protection strategies.

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