“Will I have enough for retirement?”  Jessie hears this question so many times and most people don’t know the answer to it.
In this video,  Jessie will talk about the top 6 questions that anyone might have related to retirement.

Watch the video and find out how you can get the answers to your questions.

The Top 6 questions that Jessie talked about are:
• Will I have enough? How much do you need not just to comfortably retire, but to stay comfortably retired?
• Whats your withdraw rate? Have you considered how much as a percentage youre going to take down from your retirement income to make sure youre going to be ok?
• Health. Could unexpected health disrupt your comfortable retirement? Not just your health but your spouse’s, your family members and even your parents’.
• Inflation. If inflamation is going to affect your plan, will your money grow above inflation and taxes so you can afford your final years?
• Asset Allocation. How are your invesments doing? Are you taking too much risk? Are you leaving certain options on the table of a well balanced porfolio that will reduce your volatility when the time comes when you need that reduced volatility?
• Legacy. When it comes down to Leagacy Planning, If you’ve done everything right, what do you leave behind? Do you leave behind a smooth transition for your family or do you leave behind a mess?
Jessie has all the proper plan for you. A proper Greenprint to give you the answers!
Watch the full video here:


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