Why You Should Write Your Own Eulogy!

It may be creepy to make your own Eulogy, but as Jessie explains in this video, writing your own eulogy can be a tremendously powerful thing for yourself and the people you leave behind.

There are three main reasons why it is valuable to write your own eulogy. First, it will help you clarify what you want your legacy to be. After imagining the life of your dreams and come back to your regular life, it  will motivate you to create the life that you want.  Second reason is it will help you manifest the power of intention. As Jessie have mentioned before, writing down your goals is a powerful thing. Lastly, writing your own eulogy makes it easier for the people you leave behind. They could use it a guide to give to your farewell.

Watch the full video and understand concept behind writing your own eulogy and you might be inspired to write yours. Keep in mind that it is better to realize now than later in life.

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