Jessie Christo didn’t have it easy growing up: his family, like so many, suffered from financial difficulties, so he understands the day-to-day stress of not having enough money, the fear of an uncertain financial future, anxiety about planning for retirement, and worries about what ­­– if anything – you will have to pass on to your loved ones.

Having lived through his family’s hard times, Jessie knows better than most how important a certified financial planner is to your success. He began working in finance in 1994 and has earned certificates in financial planning and professional consulting on ageing. Jessie is a registered retirement consultant and is registered with the Ontario Securities Commission.

Planning for the future and helping others understand estate and insurance policies is Jessie’s passion, and he has worked hard to develop the tools that will bring you financial peace of mind now while you create plans for the retirement of your dreams. Jessie can also show you how to leave a financial legacy that you can be proud of.

Those Jessie has worked with call him “truly knowledgeable,” “professional,” “genuine,” and “a delight.” They’re grateful for his careful attention to detail, his problem-solving skills, and his ability to bring order to financial “disarray,” while helping clients plan successful financial futures.

Those who’ve attended Jessie’s seminars rave that he is “a genuine speaker” who “brought a lot of value to our seminar.”

“They all loved Jessie!” said a participant at one of Jessie’s talks. “Don’t miss a chance to hear him speak!”

“He blew everybody away” with his tools to lower taxes, raise profits and get more time off, according to one financial professional. “You have got to get him on your team!”

Renowned author Barry Spilchuk, co-author of A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul, said of Jessie’s book, The Financial Tool Box: Your Best Business Guide To: Less Tax, Greater Profit And More Time! “I wish I had read this book 25 years ago. It would have saved me a lot of time, frustration and money.” He calls the book “cleverly written  . . . easy to understand,” and a work of “genius.”

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