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Jessie Christo LIVE – Master Your Finances! Enjoy a Successful and Stress FREE Life!

Jessie Christo has, with his experience in finances for over 20 years, discovered secrets to mastering finances and living a dream life. His mastermind is behind The Financial Toolbox that turns confusing and overwhelming financial situations into profit generating investments. He is here to share those secrets with you! Learn to ease the stress and pressure that keeps you up at night, master your finances, take control of your retirement and start living your dream life!

During Jessie Christo’s LIVE SEMINAR he reveals the secrets that will save tax and keep more of what you earn; preserve your assets for retirement; generate free time to MAKE MORE MONEY; skyrocket your investments through tested and proven solutions; develop strategies to minimise error and turn profits and much more! Register NOW for a FREE seminar HERE

Acclaimed Authors Share the Stage and a Wealth of Knowledge about Financial Success

jessie-christo-2b-dan-abramovici-photographyOn June 1, 2016, 100 people attended a free seminar at the Weston Prince Hotel, Toronto and left richer than when they went in.

How? Although those participants may have only “profited” that evening from the treasure trove of knowledge communicated to them by two renowned personal finance and marketing experts – Jessie Christo, author of the bestselling book The Financial Toolbox: Your Best Business Guide to Less Tax, Greater Profit, and More Time, and Gerry Robert, internationally acclaimed author and speaker – they learned the mindset that millionaires have, and those who put that approach into practice after leaving the Toronto event could soon turn that wealth of wisdom into real wealth.

jessie-christo-3-dan-abramovici-photographyChristo, known to his clients and fans as “The Financial Toolbox Guru,” hosted the “Millionaire Mindset” event, named after Robert’s best-selling book, which details ways “ordinary people can create extraordinary income” by changing their mentality about money.

The audience eagerly took in the speakers’ practical strategies for adjusting their outlook in order to better their lives.

Neither Christo nor Robert came from well-to-do backgrounds, yet both have experienced great success and are inspired to share what they know: with the proper tools – and, most importantly, the right frame of mind – anyone can become a money magnet and avoid the common mistakes many make on their way to financial freedom.

jessie-christo-4-dan-abramovici-photographyChristo offered an in-depth look at his unique “THE GREENPRINT”  (not a blueprint) technique, which provides an individualized map to a flourishing future, even when markets are volatile. Creating a GREENPRINT is simple with the right tools, Christo explained, and the end product is a step-by-step guide that lets anyone avoid financial risks and pitfalls while maximizing profits, so they can have the thriving business, portfolio, or retirement they desire.

If you missed this incredible event then catch-up NOW HERE registering for Jessie’s next LIVE Seminar.

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