Secure your legacy and make sure you keep your planning right until the very end.

Jessie stresses the importance of planning ahead and thinking about the legacy you want to leave. It is important to plan these things so it will be easier for you and the people you live behind.

In this video, Jessie discusses one his free downloadable kits which is the “Your Exceptional Executor Kit To Secure Your Legacy” kit . The kit tackles basic things you need to think about for the future. Some questions you need to think about now are: Do you want a traditional or casual funeral? Do you want specific poems, markers or gifts to be given during your funeral? Who do you want to be notified?
Watch the full video to get important tips and pointers you need to consider in securing your legacy. Also, go to and download a free copy of the “Your Exceptional Executor Kit To Secure Your Legacy” kit.

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