Gillian Bennett Died By Choice With Dignity. How Can You Benefit From Her Story?

In this video, Jessie discusses the story of Gillian Bennett who died last month, by choice and with dignity. For the last few years, she was suffering through dementia and was turning into a vegetable. Gillian wanted to leave on her own terms and did not want to be committed in an institution when her husband was no longer able to take care of her.

She thought it was wasteful and unfair that Canadian government will be spending a lot of money to keep her alive in such a “mindless state”. Gillian did not want to be in a vegetable state in a hospital eating up the country’s money. She believed it was right for her to decide for herself.

Gillian  emphasizes that all citizens over 50 of age should make a living will that voices specifically how they want to die. Also she mentioned that  medical profession should mandate a lethal dose to end the suffering of a terminally ill patient  according to the instructions left in their living will.

Watch the full video as Jessie stresses how important it is to have a living will. Jessie recommends that you use her story to get your living will completed.

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