Estate Planning/Transferring Wealth Inter-Generationally: What Will Your Legacy Be? You can’t take it with you – How to move money to who you want

The hammer delivers impact like your will and power of attorney. It is a forceful, representation of hammering out what you want to happen in the event of death or disability. With a nail you can pinpoint where you want your funds to go. With this tool you make your wishes binding, like hammering together two pieces of wood.

Let me start by saying there is no right or wrong when it comes to your intentions. I have helped many people with different desires.

On one end of the spectrum I see people who truly embrace what I have been saying for years, in that wealth, if handled properly, will do two things: grow deeper and grow wider. And with a certain degree of planning we can make a powerful difference in the lives of people in our lineage. Some of these strategies can benefit your descendants three to five generations from now.

I also see the opposite point of view. Some other people have no desire to leave any kind of legacy. I hear, “I raised the kids well and that is gift enough” or “I am actively trying to spend every cent I have, and leave nothing behind, so when I die I intend for the cheque to the funeral home to bounce!” After we finish our chuckle, I aim to uncover when that would be, by asking at what age they plan to shaft the funeral home.

Whatever age that is I nudge them with the question, “What if you have the misfortune of hanging on for another three or five years? The kids don’t want you moving in with them. Being young and poor is OK but being old and poor would really suck.” Unless we drive our car off a cliff we will never be able to time when we get our wings. Sure, based on your age and lifestyle you can get a calculation done to see how long you will live (visit, but that is just an average. If you find yourself in the top 25th percentile, that may represent another five years.

I help people to execute strategies to get more of what they want and none of what they don’t. If that means a series of strategies to pass on money down the family as far as it can go, then so be it. You have a view of where you stand now. I invite you to keep on reading, not with the aim of changing your view but because I assure you that you will learn something new. And with this knowledge you can better execute your desires. If you feel you would like to open up a discussion on how I can assist you on your path, you simply have to reach out to me at

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