Jessie is a financial investment advisor committed to the financial success of small business owners

About jessie christo

Jessie Christo began working in the finance industry in 1994. He has a number of qualifications that allows him access to information regarding future planning and success. Jessie Christo is here to bring those insights to you. His qualifications include a certificate in financial planning since 1999, a certificate in professional consulting on ageing and he is also a registered retirement consultant. Jessie is currently registered with the Ontario Securities Commission and he is a licensed agent with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario offering life, disability, critical illness and long-term care insurances. Jessie Christo is also a proud recipient of the M.G. Griffiths Award from the Royal Life Saving Society of Canada.

Jessie Christo grew up in a family that suffered from financial hardship. He understands the strain families endure during these hard times. He knows all too well the pressure families feel when they fear the worst for their future and their retirement. Not to mention the worry of what they will have (or won’t have) to pass on to the following generations. He now understands that a certified financial planner is the key to your financial success over any other professional. Since those hard days, Jessie has found solutions and tools to ensure a wonderful future. He is determined to offer these solutions and tools to you that will give you the retirement of your dreams!

Through the many years of understanding finances he knows everything there is to know about minimizing tax and maximizing profits and he spends his time getting this knowledge out to you. He knows the advantages and what to avoid to ensure a successful retirement without the risk. Planning for the future and helping others understand estate and insurance policies is Jessie Christo’s passion. He is offering the tools to you in his book, The Financial Toolbox Guru, at his seminars, and in his blog so that he can see you succeed and enjoy your life and your retirement. Sign up with Jessie Christo, skyrocket your retirement savings and enjoy the retirement of your dreams!