16 Things Life Insurance Can Do For You When You Are Alive and Dead

Watch this video from Jessie where he shares 16 things that life insurance can do for you when you are alive or dead.  The 16 key points are as follows:

  1. A cost-effective way to fund a buy and sell agreement.
  2. Offers a tax free cash
  3. Assets and taxes
  4. Debt pay offs
  5. Corporate debts
  6. Preservation of value of your business
  7. Protecting the income of your family
  8. Protection of your estate
  9. Create an estate
  10. Use as an estate equalization tool
  11. Legacy gift
  12. Avoid estate administration tax
  13. Private money transfer
  14. Protected from creditors
  15. Serves as savings fund
  16. Cost effective and tax advantageous

Check out this video now and let Jessie talk you through the life insurance deal.

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